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From out of the desert it came: a virtual world named Sin. For two millennia, the world was enthralled by the priesthoods of this demonizing world. But a new day has dawned with the reemergence of Eros, the Pagan God of Love. An eyeblink ago, when the Baby Boomers were young, the Age of Aquarius announced the dawn of this new day. But it had a little setback, as the church and its patriarchs struck back. Eros Rising is here to help freedom lovers everywhere reclaim their human rights.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Ghost of Henry Anslinger at the DEA

A Modest Proposal
by A Drug Warrior
Channeling the Ghost of Henry Anslinger

Wake up America! A cancer is eating away at our great nation, sapping our substance, destroying our will, and rotting our moral fiber. We all, each and every one of us, know this disease: it is the plague known as "drugs." No disease afflicting the human race is more insidious than this. Not only does it destroy the will of those who are caught in its spiral of addiction, but it actually spreads a moral contagion among many well-meaning but misguided non-addicts who would solve the "drug problem" (as they so dismissingly call it) by turning their backs on it. By actually legalizing these cursed substances, they would open the floodgates wide, allowing a sea of misery to wash over our children, turning our playgrounds into needle parks. "The Drug War has failed," they complain, citing statistics as if the whole issue of drug control could be boiled down to a cost-benefit analysis. America, our children deserve better than this. They deserve, and the future of our great country demands, that we grit our teeth and address this matter headlong with the utmost urgency. In one respect, the legalizers are right: we have not been winning this war. But, America, it can be won. You know it can be won. To do so, however, we must first recognize the enemy for what he is: a destroyer of young minds, a threat to children more alarming than even the pedophiles who haunt the internet--a threat, in fact, to the world as we know it. Like a cancer in its advanced stages, the malignancy is spreading at a quantum rate, its tentacles reaching, grasping, strangling, the throat of an entire generation. America, it is time to act!

Once there was a time, in our world, when the punishment fit the crime. The Bible, in fact, records these righteous punishments in courageous detail. Over and over again the Bible tells us of how "God slew…" our tormentors. America, God still recognizes human iniquity for what it is: a blot on His divine creation. So why can’t we? Is it because we have lost our way in the humanist wilderness of psychology and sociology? Wake up America! We must face our tormentors with at least half the fierceness that they daily unleash upon our children. You know, America, what the price of our deliverance will need to be. It is the price of iniquitous blood shed by a righteous wrath. The rubber is hitting the road, America. We must act now, or the Drug War is lost.

Capital punishment. Can there be any other way? Several states already impose this righteous remedy for far lesser crimes, such as the premeditated murder of one person by another. The drug pusher, America, is a premeditated serial killer. And yet his only punishment is free rent in our prison system--usually for just a few years. Should we toil, Americans, to raise our surviving young while the drug pusher who destroyed, or tried to destroy, so many other young lives pumps iron in the prison gym and reads law books in the prison library? Wake up America!

But capital punishment for whom? Because drug abuse is largely a young person's crime, we must hold the young accountable. Allowing a grace period for the first teen year, I suggest that this ultimate punishment should be meted out to all individuals over the age of 14 who have been found guilty of offering for sale a quantity of illegal drugs sufficient for more than one "high." In the case of marijuana, for example, this would be more than one gram, which is about the quantity needed to produce one so-called "joint." Why so young, some may ask? Unfortunately, the international drug cartel has become so dependent upon inner-city teenage males to peddle their filth, that it would be a dereliction of moral duty not set the marker at a realistic age. Once there was a time, we should all remember, when 14-year-olds began moving into adulthood, holding down jobs and, by the age of 16, fighting in wars. Perhaps the artificial prolongation of human adolescence is part of the great moral problem now facing America. In a Holy War such as that which we are fighting against illegal drugs, the ancient principles of triage may have to be resurrected. Some of the infected may have to die in order that the uninfected may live. We must concentrate our sympathies upon the truly young. These would include not only the grade schoolers, whose playgrounds are turning into drug parks, but--most egregiously--the unborn, whose innocent bloodstreams are being corrupted daily by their drug-doing heathen moms. This is a scourge the likes of which Mankind has never known. Only drastic measures will save us from this devouring beast.

Wake up America! God waits upon your wisdom.

--As heard by a Fly on the Wall at the Drug Enforcement Agency, and then reported to Dorian Grayson.


Anonymous Mike Smithson said...

Mr. Grayson,
wow, you have a lot to report...but the rhetoric is a bit flawed. Is this you talking or the "fly on the wall"?
Do you know who is opposed to drug legalization even more than this person? The Drug Cartels. The Mob. Organized crime. International terrorists. Because if drugs were legal, then the extremely high cost caused by the black market would dissapear. Drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijauna are grown cheaply but the profits are enormous.
The message says that that drug usage would explode if we legalized them. Really? Ask your friends. Ask anyone: if crack was legal tomorrow, if heroin was legal tomorrow would they use them? I work with a drug policy grp that speaks to civic grps and others about why we should regulate all drugs...we always ask if they would take the drugs if we legalized them...people say no but then we ask if anyone thinks someone else in the room would take the drugs and about 1/3 of the hands go up. The truth pro'bly lies in the middle: most people won't, but some will. Will they use responsibly? What do we have to go on? Couple places to look at would be Switzerland and The Netherlands. Switzerland ("needle park" was mentioned) has had a regulated and systematic delivery of heroin to registered addicts for 11 yrs! When the police complained about the problems caused by heroin addicts, the public health officials said the answer was simple: provide them with the drugs. So they did, and crime dramatically dropped. Vagrancy dropped. These people moved on with the lives. They got healthy. Overdoses dropped to zero. You want to end the death, the scurge? Here's one way to do it.
Next, the Dutch have had a semi-regulated distribution network for 25 yrs! And instead of an explosion of use, the reverse has happened. Teen drug use by the Dutch is roughly half of what it is in the US. How can that be, one might reason is "the forbidden fruit" theory. Marijuana looses it's a alure when it is no longer prohibited. And to add to this notion, consider that heroin use leveled off and the avg age of the heroin addicts in The Netherlands is 40. In the US it is 20. The Dutch addict population is not being added to and it is aging. The Dutch allow for needle exchange just like every other Western European nation and they have greatly reduced the transmission of HIV and Hepititus C. Heck, the Dutch even have "safe injection rooms" that the police direct them to. Some find this an ugly and repulsive scene but the reality is that people are living, are seeking help, and changing their lives.
So, Anslinger helped keep the rhetoric flawed and people afraid, but it is his own words that are coming back to show others just hoiw wrong he was.

3:51 AM  
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